About Me

   Three words best describe my interests: travel, nature, and photography. Combined, they overlap, covering the essential areas in my life. Well respected international and domestic travel agent, with nearly 20 years of experience in the profession, and an avid traveler and observer, I have found in photography a natural outlet for my deep interest in, and love for, traveling, nature, and beauty.

                  I have been occupying my longer vacation periods admiring numerous tourist attractions on both the American and foreign soils. Thus far, I have visited a host of American states and taken pleasure in visiting Canada, Mexico, Iceland, France, Italy, Great Britain, and, most recently, Ireland--the list that is still a work in progress. The shorter moments of free time, primarily during the weekends, have allowed me to get a closer and more natural view of my current home state, Rhode Island, where I have lived for the past 12 years.

                  All these long years of traveling longer and shorter distances have been filled with the intense desire to capture, immortalize, and collect the ephemeral, one-shot moments and their allure that I have encountered in various places and situations. Consequently, photography became a natural answer and means to achieving this end. Starting as an amateur photographer, equipped only with the most basic instruments, I have used the time and experiences to upgrade the equipment and develop the technique.

                  As my site clearly demonstrates, I focus on three main areas in photography: city/space, nature, and male models. I have already gained much experience coupled with success and recognition in the first two categories. More specifically:

--in 2006, I took first place for the Nature catagory in the State of Rhode Island photo contest

--in 2007, some of my photos were chosen to be part of the 21st Rhode Island Art Open

--most recently (2009), I won 3rd prize in the Warwick Museum of Art's photographer's open.

                  Only recently have I discovered male models as a new beacon in, and the focal subject of, my career of a photographer. It has become for me a captivating transition from non-human, mainly inanimate forms found in nature to compelling, manmade forms in architecture and design to, finally, man himself, accentuating the unparalleled charm and perfection of his sensuous, virile body.

                  Needless to say, I get much satisfaction from what I do. I also take great pride in my achievements. It is only natural that I seriously look forward to continuing my quest for exploration in photography on many different levels mentioned above--and more. Finally, it is my true ambition to get my label, TJason Photos TM, to stand for care, competence, and quality.